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M & H Pallets


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M&H Pallets specializes in custom pallets, so people come to us all the time to help them design a pallet that fits their needs. Usually, they need a pallet sized to a specific product. Often, it is to better utilize available shipping and storage space. All are looking for the most economical. The reason all initial contact with new clients is done at a clients site is so that we have a comprehensive view of client's situation, problem, implication of that problem, and needs. We feel it is our job to advise our clients of the best way to meet those needs.

An example of this is a client that needed to fit a pallet to the exact dimensions of their product and have the ability to use both a pallet jack and a forklift on all four sides of the pallet to move them. Ideally, they wanted minimal breakage as they wanted to be able to reuse the pallet several times. We made several different styles of pallets for them and asked them to try each one out before deciding one one. We then discussed with them the pros and cons of each style of pallet so they could make an educated decision on what was best for them.

This is a family owned and operated business and our motto is " no order is too big or small for us to handle". We put Quality and Customer Service first. Thank you in advance for your consideration and we look forward to doing business with you. 

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