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Custom Pallets

Custom Pallets is a specialty at M & H Pallets in Las Vegas, NV. We have the wood product and the ability to provide any pallet or skid you are looking for.
Why pay for pallet size, pallet materials or pallet weight that you don’t need? Many of your existing pallets may be too large, use too much wood, or employ a stronger grade of wood than your applications require. One of our custom pallets can provide all the strength and support you need, and save you money on both pallets and shipping.
We have been serving the Las Vegas Metro since the early 90's and have a reliable workforce available to deliver pallets and sale pallets for pick-up 24/7.  Contact us now for with the information for your Custom Pallet.


Pallet Management:  

  • Hundreds of  Pallets In Stock             
  • Supply All Grades, New, #1's, #2'
  • We Buy Used Pallets
  • New Wood Pallets
  • Reconditioned Wood Pallets
  • Custom Design Pallets
  • Pallet Repairs
  • Pallet Removal
  • Same Day Delivery Service